Dream Home Appraisal


Why Dream Home

Provide Easily Understood Depreciation Reports

Dream Home Depreciation Reports are easily understood with well presented cash flow tables and graphic illustration. The Reserve Management Plan is a detailed study consisting of 80+ pages where as the Reserve Study or Depreciation Report summarizes the findings of the Reserve Management Plan.


02. We plan with you not at you 

Dream Home assist the strata council in creating a comprehensive Reserve Management plan and a Reserve Study or Depreciation Report from the Reserve management Plan. We work with strata council to plan to provide sufficient funding to meet their future long term capital expenditures and avoid special assessments.  


03.  Quality Assurance

Our reports are prepared using Reserve Fund Analysis software RFA Pro which has been independently audited by a national accounting firm for accuracy and meets all requirements of the ICBI Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards pertaining to calculations and reporting format. http://rfapro.ca/

All reports meet the requirements of the ICBI Generally Accepted Reserve Study Principles and Standards. To obtain a copy of these standards please visit http://www.capitalbudgeting.org/index.php 

About Us

Dream Home Appraisal Depreciation Report

Brian A. Hill


Brian is an Appraiser and Reserve Planner. Dedicated to the standardization of Condo and Strata Reserve Fund reporting in Canada. Frustrated by the lack of National Standards, Brian has authored numerous posts in discussion groups on LinkedIn and distributed information to several associations and legislators in in efforts to provide great consumer protection.

Setting the Standard in Canada


Brian Hill is also the President of Associated Reserve Planners of Canada Inc. and is the Canadian representative on the Standards Committee of the International Capital Budgeting Institute

ICBI is an international organization dedicated to providing clarity and transparency in capital budgeting reporting.  ICBI provides education and resources to all those involved in the creation of and users of capital budgets  - business managers, facilities managers, and other businesses and professionals who provide products and services to organizations that maintain capital facilities.

ICBI is based in the United States of America, and our membership includes professionals in Australia, Canada, Dubai, Kenya, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. 

Professional members include CPAs, architects, engineers, construction contractors, facilities managers, project managers, reserve study professionals, software developers, and lawyers.

Our mission is to inspire professionalism in the development of capital budgets.